Robots on the Waterfront

The momentum in popularity across the UK with Automated Managed Services (AMS) outfield robots continues with the latest installation at Waterfront Golf Club’s 32 bay driving range. Situated in 170 acres of beautiful established parkland in the heart of South Yorkshire, Waterfront boasts a whole host of facilities that provide a true test of golf for its customers.

We asked Frank Houlgate, owner and Hhad professional at Waterfront Golf Club, what he thought about the process:

Frank Houlgate: ”Sam, Cory and the rest of the team were extremely professional, very polite and hard working, I couldn’t fault them. They made the installation a simple and smooth process.  Overall I am very pleased with the work they carried out.”

How did the order process go?

“The robots are part of AMS’s outfield maintenance service called ‘Range Ball Plan’. Designed as a cost and labour saving service for golf range facilities, there was no capital outlay for us, and we only contract for the balls collected, with grass cutting included in the monthly service plan.”

How has the system been running since it was installed?

“There have been no issues, it’s been collecting, dropping the balls off in the wash system and returning them to the dispenser perfectly. “

What is your overall impression of the system now it is installed and working?:

“I’m very happy.  I can’t believe we are seeing a noticeable difference in the outfield as it’s only been a few weeks, it’s looking better already.”

What are some of the major benefits to you?

“A great bonus for us is no more cut balls, as it’s been damp the last couple of weeks, we have been able to go out and remove the previous plugged balls so the outfield will improve even further with the robots.  Overall it has been saving us time and money, which is what every facility owner really wants and is the reason why we went for the robots in the first place.”

How do they work?

“The robot ball picker collects balls and then drops them into the wash system, which then returns the newly clean balls back to the dispenser, providing a constant ball supply for the facility.  So from the moment a ball is hit to the next time it’s on a tee none of my staff have touched the ball!BigMow the robot mower,runs around doing its thing so basically we never see the grass grow.”

What maintenance do you have to undertake?

“The units and the system need to me checked / cleaned daily which takes about 5 minutes per unit.  When our green staff get in first thing they call the robots in, check / clean them and if all is well send them straight back to work.  We don’t even pay them overtime when they work over night.”

What has the reaction been from your clients and staff?

“We have had great feedback - it’s been mainly amazement from our customers that these two small robots are out on the outfield collecting balls and cutting the grass. It has been a real talking point and has generated alot of interest for us. Which has been great marketing from a commercial aspect and has been one of the immediate benefits of the robots since installation, it has been really positive I’m very pleased.”

What do you feel the long term situation will be?

“Obviously in the long term of course we see huge benefits: we no longer require the heavy outfield machinery, which benefits the look of the facility and the health of the outfield. Not to mention the time and cost savings it will give us now and in the future.”

New installations for AMS include Goodwood Golf Club and Parley Golf.  Both will be a welcomed addition to the ever expanding Range Ball Plan client portfolio.

For more information about the AMS outfield robots and how they can benefit your golf facility, contact Philip Sear Managing Director of Automated Managed Services (AMS) Ltd on 01462 646 222 or email